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    Apr 11, 2006
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    screen span doctor
    Hey guys;

    I just installed the screen span doctor and it works great. I am using my 19inch view sonic with my iBook on 1280x1024 and works great. I have my iBook on 1024x768 and photoshop along with flash works great on this little baby. Macs are truely the bomb.

    - 30gig iPod Video Black
    - iMac intel, 2 ram, 250gig HD, ATI x1600 128mo
    - 19" Asus 191vw, 500gig WD MyBook Premium, Altec FX6021
    - soon iBook G4 14 1.33ghz, 1,256gig ram, 80gig HD, Combo Drive

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    i used to use a 36" crt monitor with my 12" iBook. it was awesome!!!!

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    i used my 32 in sony XBR with it, it was awesome!

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    i used it with a 19'' it was awesome. Especially being able to move the menu bar and dock. Also used it with airclick. If you maximize a movie on the big screen and keepo the menu bar on the ibook/powerbook the commands dont display infront of the movie.

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