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    Talking Who has ordered the 17" MBP?
    I ordered mine on the 28th. Estimated shipped by: May 9th Estimated delivered by: May 16th. Fully loaded. 2 GB RAM & 100 GB 7200 RPM HD. This will be my VERY FIRST entry into the Mac world. :cool: I've been all over the internet reading about this thing. Unfortunately the only readily available real information is based on the 15" MBP, with which alot of people have been having issues with. The 17" is obviously ALOT newer than the latest 15" revisions seeing as how it was just released the 24th, I hope they've resolved all of the current issues with the 15" in the 17"...

    Anyone else order theirs yet? When? Expected ship/delivery?

    The excitement is UNBEARABLE!1!!!!11!!!1one!11!

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    I haven't ordered my 17" MBP yet (I'm being indecisive... See my 15.4" vs. 17" thread in this forum) but I've ordered enough new products from Apple to know that when I do, I'll make myself a cup of tea, pitch a tent and sit back in my lawn chair (as it were)...

    Things may have changed in the last 1 - 2 years but... My experience has always been that Apple is slow when it comes to fulfilling orders for new products. I'll be happy/impressed if I order mine, they tell me that it'll ship in 5 - 7 business days, and I receive it less than a month later (assuming that its in transit for, say, 3 - 4 days once it has been shipped). That's just based on my past experiences though... I may be wrong (Indeed, I hope for your sake that I am... I wouldn't want you to have any overexcitement-related incidents... :-)).

    As a related anecdote: I ordered my 12" PB when it first came out and was told something similar (i.e. 5 - 7 business days before it'll ship). I needed it quickly so I paid for expedited shipping... Then I waited for about a month... When I finally called Apple's order status line, I had a somewhat difficult time explaining to the representative that there was no point in me paying $50 for expedited shipping if the laptop didn't ship for a month... The representative's response was "I understand sir, but once it ships, you'll have it the next day"... To which my response was "Too little too late". I was finally able to convince them to take the expedited shipping charge off the order... :-)

    Cheers/best of luck...


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