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    power book incarnations
    hey all,

    i am preparing to order a new 12.1 g4 pb on Monday and i was hoping someone could clarify some things for me.

    -as i understand it, the g4 pb 12.1 with the aluminum case was introduced early 2003 and has had two incarnations,
    the most recent released a month or two ago.

    -from what i can gather, the first version had some heat issues and also had some screen quality issues (cheap phillips lcd).

    -now, the latest version has a processor that runs at 1ghz, and has supposedly had some case mods to deal with the heat? does anyone have any heat complaints about the newest version?

    -has the screen been upgraded as well or are we still dealing with a mediocre display?

    -i think many people agree that the pb g5 will not be here from some time, but do we really think that there will be any pb upgrades at the SF convention?

    thanks for any and all input...

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    My guess is an upgrade to the xserve line at the SF comvention

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