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    New Mac User - Disappointed
    I just bought an iBook G4 on Christmas eve. Being used to Windows, Panther seems a bit unusual and I'm still getting to used to it. The main problems started when I tried installing the downloadable software from to run a wireless mouse. My trackpad stopped working and I couldn't uninstall it. I tried re installing OS X using the re install discs but it still didn't work. Apple phone help was unavailable ( ! ) and I couldn't get on the net because I my happy Mac was imobilised. In desperation, I got into the first aid utility and wiped the whole hard drive to allow me to re install everything again from 'bare metal'. The basic system now works, but I've lost Appleworks and cant get Software Restore to get it running again. Any ideas ?

    This is my first time using Macs and I have to admit I'm not very happy. Did they used to be better ?


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    LOL, wow a nightmare from day one..

    here is a hint though, most mouses or external devices really don't need any drivers, because OSX did such a good job of having specific drivers and general drivers like my wired kensington mouse works fine with out a driver so does my printer.. I know you will be less disappointed in your mac if you realize this is nothing like a windows box if you can't figure something out, its probly the easiest option, things on your mac u will soon find out are much easier.

    You just made the switch from windows, which in windows terms is like going from windows 3.1 to windows Xp.

    Hopefully you will return to your mac with a happier outlook, as for being better, they never were bad in comparison, and they are only getting better.

    Was your wireless mouse plugged into your mac the whole time? (that would explain the reason the pad stopped workin..)

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    I cant fully remember if I did have the USB receiver plugged in while installing the software. I'm going to take my iBook back to the dealer tomorrow to get a refund on the mouse and ask if they can re install Appleworks. I'll let you know what happens ( unless I'm struck by a 10 ton piece of space junk ).

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    Its OK now. I got a plug-in mouse with a cable and all ! The software restore kept quitting, then eventually worked and I have Appleworks back again. Its getting better.


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