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    ibook G4 logic board swap?
    I have a ibook g4 933mhz which has a faulty logic board. It's been diagnosed at 2 applestores as being faulty... screen is white on bootup with no video signal on vga either. They want me to send it into depot for replacement since its out of warranty.

    My question is it possible to swap my logic board with a faster g4 logic board, say 1.42ghz or 1.33? Does it matter if its off an 12" or will it only work with another 14"? I heard the optical cables and maybe even video cables might need to be swapped too.... While i'm at it can i swap out my combo drive for a super drive? TIA

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    Possibly, but I'd guess it might require quite a bit of modding of the case, components, etc...
    Either way, it's doubtful apple would be willing to offer you that... but if you are into mucking around with that sort of thing you might just pull it off!

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    well for sure i'd be doin the swap myself... gettin the board off ebay or somewhere.

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