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    MacBook Pro and Aperture 1.1
    Hi, this is my first post, so I'd like to say hello to everybody and thanks in advance for the huge amount of useful information I'm gonna find on this forum.
    As English is not my first language, I'd also like to apologize beforehand for any typo or language mistake I'll doubtless commit.

    Now, here's my question:

    I'm a photographer, and I have a Nikon D2X. Whoever knows this camera also knows that the raws are quite big (20Mb). I was until now a PC user, but Aperture has seduced me. I intend to buy now a good laptop for travelling, and if I feel the need, maybe in Q1 or Q2 2007, when I'm back home, a workstation.

    The laptop will probably be, as you can guess, a 15" MacBook Pro, unless the still-to-be-released high end MacBook meets my needs (I'd love a smaller size for transportation!). I will go for the 2.0Ghz with 1Gb RAM, and then add another Gig. The 17" will be worth the wait, just in case, but it'll probably be too big for me.

    So the heart of the thread is:

    How does the MacBook Pro handle Aperture 1.1?

    a) It runs it like a hog?
    b) Just slow?
    c) Quite well?
    d) Fast, actually?
    e) Blazingly fast?

    How big is the improvement in speed when dealing with jpegs instead of raws?

    I have some other questions too:

    Does adding a second monitor slow the computer down in any way? (It would be a 20" or 23" Cinema Display, the 30" is too much for me).

    For an Aperture-Photoshop work, do I need a workstation or is the MacBookPro powerful enough? (it'd be great to save the cost of the workstation and just add a 20!)

    Can the MBP handle his original 1Gb + an additionnal 2Gb stick of RAM or do I have to stick to 1+1??

    Have you tried Photoshop CS2 thru Rosetta on a similar MacBook Pro? Any problems?

    I'd specially like feedback from someone who has/uses the same setup (D2X+MBP+Aperture 1.1)

    That's all for now! Thanks in advance for any answer I can get, and I hope to buy the computer as soon as possible so I can help people myself!

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    Being new here, I dunno if I should post this thread somewhere else? Maybe in a software related forum? I don't want to double-post...


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    Quote Originally Posted by iRobot
    Being new here, I dunno if I should post this thread somewhere else? Maybe in a software related forum? I don't want to double-post...

    Try posting here at
    Specifically for digital photography......
    You are probably up to speed on Aperture but if not try..... and..... just to check the requirements.

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