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Thread: Cigarette Power inverter?

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    Cigarette Power inverter?
    Someone got me a Vector 70 watt dc/ac inverter that works connected to the car cigarette lighter. supossedly it's designed for laptops.

    the box reads: "converts vehicle's 12 volt DC power outlet into a 110 Volt Ac household outlet"

    I figured that if I can connect my laptop to a regular household outlet I should be able to connect to this device.


    I noticed that my ibook power adaptor reads 65W does this mean that the 70Watts provided by the cigaretter lighter inverter will be too much power for my ibook and there'll be a risk of damage?

    I'm bad, when it comes to electric power.

    Any advice?

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    well sells this thing

    APC Travel Power 75W DC/AC Inverter

    So i am guessing that a 70 watt inverter would be just fine if they are selling a 75 for the same uses

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