Hey all, I have a question. I am using iBackup to back files up on my 300GB Seagate external drive. I thought I had found an issue with the iBackup software itself, but the more I dig into it the more I'm realizing that it seems to be something existent regardless of whether or not I'm using the iBackup program.

Problem: Backup copies of folders that are changed in NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM have different file sizes on the the MacBook Pro HDD as opposed to the Seagate 300GB drive.

For instance--I have one folder which consistently says that it contains 10,060 bytes of data, yet the size on disk is 224KB on the Seagate, and 32KB on the MBP.

Do files compress or something on the MBP behind the scenes? Is there hidden data linked to this folder that when copied over, adds itself to the folder?

Also, I did try copying the same folder off of the Seagate, back onto the MBP in a different location, and it changes back to the same file size according to the "Get Info" screen. While copying over, however, it says that it's copying 10KB.

So I have 3 different proposed file sizes.

Seagate - 224KB
MBP Copy Screen (during transfer) - 10KB

Once again they all say 10,060 bytes, which is essentially 10KB, so why the inconsistency?

Any help/explanation would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks!

EDIT: I opened the drive in Windows, and it has two sizes as well... the 224KB one as well as the 10KB one (one being size, and the other being size on disk).

EDIT #2: I checked the disk space on the External drive before and after backing up some test files. I then removed the test files, and then backed up again. The number of used bytes increased by 32,768, which is oddly enough, the 32KB that the MBP claims the folder itself is. Argg......