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    Question 867mhz 12-inch Powerbook memory upgrade...
    I own a 867mhz 12inch Powerbook, stock with 256MB RAM. I want to replace the 128MB chip and am willing to bite the bullet and buy a 1gb chip for around $400.

    Can I install a 200pin PC2700 DDR chip for $40 more? Or can I only use the PC2100 DDR?

    Any ideas or recent experiences appriciated.


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    Well here is what I looked up, I love the crucial site and prices for there ram

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    Actually, MemoryX and others also sell a 1024MB PC2100 DDR266 chip for my model.

    I was asking, if anyone knew if the 1024MB PC2700 DDR333, also 200pin would work.
    Is it that chip same size or is there something else that would make it incompatable with my 12" G4 PowerBook?

    Just trying to purchase the fastest RAM available.

    If anyone knows please reply.


    Quote Originally Posted by PRinMD
    Well here is what I looked up, I love the crucial site and prices for there ram

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