I recently purchased the CrossFire 250, but am already having a bit of a problem with it.

The SmartDisk hard drive mounts absolutely fine when connected via the FireWire cable, but when connected to either of my USB 2.0 ports I can't get it to mount at all. I've followed all the trouble-shooting instructions supplied in the handbook, as well as the ones listed in the support section of SmartDisk's website. I've tried both USB ports several times, but to no avail. I've tried completely reformatting the SmartDisk to a 'Macintosh Only' format rather than Windows, but unfortunately this hasn't worked either. I've also tested my USB ports with my iPod & they both work fine.

Anyone else experienced something similar?...any problems mouting external hard drives via the USB 2.0 ports?

Cheers, Edskii.