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Thread: Weird Problem

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    Weird Problem
    All my saved images and wallpapers are grainy and blurry and ugh disgusting looking.

    Images on the web look fine and movies are excellent so I know it's not dead pixels or nothing but I can't figure out whats wrong.

    I see a wallpaper online, download it set it as my wp and then it turns to blur and then I check the image in preview and its blurry to check back on the web at where I got it and its fine.

    Im uploading a pic... does that look blurry to anyone else esp around her face area or am I just crazy. I wondered about fooling around with the display settings but I don't want to mess anything up I couldn't fix.
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    Looks fine to me. Have you been hitting the Friday Beer?

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    Yeah it's blurred...

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    I agree with Murlyn, it looks like it is soft focus to me.

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