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    Talking Tiger on a clamshell?
    Hello again everyone, I'm back with more questions lol.
    As listed in my specs, I bought a clamshell ibook just to toy around with (I leave the heavy lifting for my iMac) I'd like to ask if it is possible to get Tiger on it. I've been browsing ebay and see clamshells with tiger on them (even without the dvd drive to intstall it) If I bought a HD like this one:


    Would the clamshell work with a HD with Tiger preinstalled?
    Excuse my noobieness here, but my clamshell runs Panther just fine, what would happen with Tiger?

    Thanks a lot, this forum is great :miner:

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    It would run, but it would run slowly. I had Tiger on my G3 300 (not an iBook) and it was usable, but it bothered me, so I went back to Panther. Your memory is kind of bordering on "not quite enough", but you should be able to get it up and running. You'll just need the standard CD media, as opposed to the DVD (or install via network).

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    does your ibook have firewire? Apple minumum specifications for Tiger state that a firewire port needs to be present.

    if it does have firewire, id still add more ram to your 'book, so that tiger will run a little faster.

    Oh and no offense, but those e-bay things are kind of illegal.......
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    if you do install tiger disable dashboard and it will run a little better as my 1Ghz PB did when i turned off dashboard

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    Wow wait, what ebay thing is illegal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinyteddy
    Wow wait, what ebay thing is illegal?
    Selling a drive with Tiger installed, without providing the original disks. Of course, this assumes that the seller is retaining the disks for use with other machines, rather than destroying them, in which case the buyer would be the sole user of that particular copy of the OS.

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    buying a hard drive with info on it...not wuite sure on the legalities though. But i think it would be cool. If you don't have firewire you should check this out.

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