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Thread: 1Ghz PowerBook G4 Tiger Install Error

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    Exclamation 1Ghz PowerBook G4 Tiger Install Error
    Hello, i've been able to install Tiger on many computers;
    a PowerMac G5, 2 PowerMac G4's, an iMac G5, an iBook G4, and a fairly new PowerBook G4. But most of those aren't mine, the computer i'm having a problem with is an old 1Ghz PowerBook G4 Titanium.

    It's running 10.3.9 and its completely updated. Whenever I try installing Tiger, it checks the Install DVD, which is normal, then it starts installing and it says "preparing/checking volume" or whatever, 5 minutes later it says
    "There were errors during the installation.

    It's not the disc's fault, as it works on other computers, i've tried with external cd/dvd drives, same thing happens.

    I use this computer a lot, and I need tiger. Help please!

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    Have you tried using Disk Utility to completely format the drive (might even want to use the "Zero Drive" option) before attempting the installation?

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    i tried using disk utility to repair the disk permissions, but that didnt do anything.
    i dont want to completely format the drive, i just want to upgrade it, not reinstall it

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