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    Methods for cleaning iBooks screen
    Hey there people,

    Just wondering if there are any decent cleaning products out there to use on my iBook's screen? Well, all my TFT screens to be exact (I have an LG Flatron and an advent laptop as well as my iBook that could do with a clean).

    Only I have been using these wet/dry screen cleaning wipes on my advent laptop and they have left smears on the screen which is a little annoying!

    Is there anything that I could use to get these smears off and clean the screen properly?



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    i use a damp soft cotton towel that was wet with a diluted mix of rubbing alcohol and water; then follow up with a dry soft cotton towel. works ok for me; actually i think i remember reading the article on digg that suggested this.

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    rubbing alcohol and a cotton cloth. huzzah!

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    i just use mr clean magic eraser- same with everything else on ibook lol

    works like a charm to me cuz the only thing on the screen is dust soooo a soft towel is good. unless u got like freaken curry stains, then i'd just use something neutral like H2O

    Don't put too much alcohol in ur solution or it'll damage the screen i heard.

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