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    General Mac/MacBook Pro questions, plz help
    Hi everyone.

    I am not a MAC user (never used it at all), but i am planning to buy a laptop in a near future. I always wanted to try a MAC. My primary use will be some heavy programming and then everything else. And ofcourse i have some general questions and concepts that i dont' understand.

    So one thing that i can't understand is why people buy Macs? (whether it is an iBook, PowerBook or something else) Is it because of OS X (And the rest of applications that come along)?

    Or because of what's under the hood? (hardware)?

    Are PowerBooks/iBooks/MacBookPros developer friendly?
    Or is it intended more for Artists/Graphical Designers?

    I have a PC computer, and i code in x86 assembly and C/C++. With MacBook Pro if I understand correctly i will be able to write x86 asm code just like I did for a PC?
    As for the C/C++ code, how hard is it to port it from Mac to another architecture?

    Does it make sense to dual boot Linux with OS X? Or Linux runs just as well on a PC hardware?

    These are some questions that i have. I've never had any expereince with Mac, so some question may sound obvious to some ( if not stupid ). But i would appriciate if someone could clarify that for me.


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    ime just an average computer user, no programming just internet and office type of things. the thing i really like about my mac is just the way it goes on and on and works great when ever i need it. ive been using pc and macs for years now and they have both improved dramaticlly in that time but the mac has allways felt underneath the hood that its really clean and efficent, whereas i just get the impression that pcs dont have that elegance behind the scenes.

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