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    Question Can't boot OS10.2 on an external USB device

    since my internal CD player does not work, I tried to upgrade from OSX.1.5 with the OSX 10.2 Apple CD, on an external device.

    My config : ibook 300 MHz, internak disk upgraded to 20GB, RAM 160MB, OS X 10.1.5+9.2classic, 1 USB port.
    External device : USB2 DVD IOMEGA writer.

    With the keys 'apple-alt-shift-delete' pressed, the ibook did start to boot and crash almost immediately.
    I have upgraded the firmware 'succesfully', and now when I press the same keys, the OS 10.1.5 on the internal disk boots, not the Apple 10.2 CD system.

    May be this situation has already been encountered - I'll be glad to know if it is possible to upgrade my old ibook or not !

    Thanks in advance, Jean-Michel Martin

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