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    iBook problem??? help please???
    hey guy i just bought a 14" iBook its about a week old i have noticed everyonce in a while i have to jiggle the power cord the light would be yellow then i look down and it turns red i jiggle it a little and it turns back to yellow it this a common problem??

    another thing not a major issue just cosmetic the grey screen bezel on the left hand side is poped a little bit is this and easy or should i think about taking this to an apple shop

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    I am definitely not an expert at this (see my previous posts) - but my advice would be to take it back to the store, as it is only one week old. It'll still be covered by the warranties, and provided you didn't drop it in the toliet or anything, you should even be able to exchange it for a new iBook. That's what I had to do in my case, but my issue was different than yours. Either way, take it to the apple store and see what they can do for you - because even if you can fix it, you'll probably worry that the problem might recurr.

    Keltoik :girl:

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    anybody else my proob is that the apple store is about an hour drive so is there anyother suggestions???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skid
    anybody else my proob is that the apple store is about an hour drive so is there anyother suggestions???
    How much hastle will it end up being? Maybe driving an hour is worth a simple exchange rather than a long drawn out process.

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