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    Exclamation G3 Upgrade issues- need help!

    I'm not sure if the two are related, but I'm pretty sure that they are. I have a Powerbook G3 Wallstreet that I wanted to upgrade to OS X. When I went to upgrade, it said the minimal required amount of RAM needed is 128 MB. So I bought a 256 MB stick, regular size, put it in the upper slot, and tried the installation again. This time is says "essentials couldnt be installed. Your computer is not compatible with OS X 10.3". Any ideas?


    PS- I've tried the stick with the 64 mb stick that was in there, as well as by itself- no luck either way; not sure if that matters but just thought i'd meniton it.

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    have you run the computer on its current OS with that new stick of ram? sounds like it might be bad, where did you get it? also, which version of os x are you installing? I believe panther(10.3) was the one that required 256 mb.

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    I was able to get OS 9 installed, but I still had the same problem w/ the OS X 10.3 when i tried to do an upgrade. Any ideas?.. I guess it could be the disk, but i'm not sure.

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    Panther requires built in USB ports in order to install. The Wallstreet doesn't have these. You will also need to partition your HD and put OS X on the first 8 GB of the drive.
    If you want to install Panther 10.3 you will need to try installing it with XPostFacto, even if you partition the drive, because of the USB issue.
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    Now what.. lol
    Ok... sorry abou this; I guess this is a new issue.

    I did get OS X 10.3 installed but it wont boot. I just get the flashing question mark and hear the hd turning off and on again. I set the startup disk to the partition that I put OS X on. I guess this could have to do w/ the USB thing..?

    Any help would be great.

    The only other thing was, I didnt have to use more than 1 disk for the OS X install, which I thought was weird. (this is my first time installling it, so i dont know... but it said it'd require disk 2, which i have.. but it never asked for it.)

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    status update
    OK- heres where I'm at right now.

    I put back on OS 9 and I'm in Xpost Facto. The main issue i see is an exclamation point by the "Mac OS X Install CD". When I look at the issue, it says: "One of the extension cache files appears to be invalic. (see log for details) You may be able to fix the problem with the "install extensions" command" Only prob. is the install menu is greyed out... My only other question was that it shows my hd as an unbootable volume, and is also greyed out.. Sorry, I'm new to xpost.. Thanks!

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    Talking All Set
    Thanks for your help, everyone that replied.
    I ended up going w/ 10.2, and so far so good.
    I'd like to upgrade this and play around with it for awhile so I can decide whether I want a Mac as my main laptop when I'm ready for a new one. (right now I got an aging Toshiba w/ a pos Celeron :-( )

    Thanks again.

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