:black: Hi, I bought an iBook G3 800 Dual USB off ebay.

There is a password on the system.

I have tried changing it from single user mode
with these instructions.
1) boot up holding the apple + s keys
2) type /sbin/mount -uw / (you don't need to run the /sbin/fsck -y /)
3) type /sbin/systemstarter
4) either type passwd (account goes here) to change the password
or type nidump passwd . to get the hash to brute force if you want to
be a little more subtle with the whole hacking thing.

I believe the problem is when I try to start the system with /sbin/systemstarter.

It doesnt come to a prompt.
It displays this:

Waiting for MacAuditRun
Jan 6 05:16:42 SYstemStarter: Waiting for MacAuditRun

and keeps repeating this text.

I know how to change the passwd using niutil, but cant use it because net info hasn't started.
Is there any way to disable MacAuditRun from trying to start?
or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks. Gregg :black: