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Thread: question about trackpad

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    question about trackpad
    Hey.. I haven't posted on here for awhile but I had a powerbook question to ask you all.

    Sometimes when I come back to my powerbook after it is asleep..the track pad sort of acts it won't move the mouse all the way (sort of like it has to warm up..and then it is fine) I didn't know if its just it adjusting to my fingers cause of the cold weather (and dry hands). Just wondering if this happens to anyone else. It only lasts for a few seconds and then it is fine.

    I notice it happens with my Ipod sometimes, but not that much (once again mostly when its cold, or my hand is cold.

    while i'm on the topic, has anyone discovered any new (good) blue tooth mouse?

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    It's actually a known issue. My Powerbook was doing the same thing after I did my last update. Here's a link to the recommended fix:


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    hey thanks, i swear I had thing unchecked before, but hopefully that will fix it.

    thanks for the link.

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