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    Exclamation Please help - iBook not booting up
    Hey, I'm essentially a new Mac owner (have used Macs for a while at my college), and everything was going great with my iBook G4 that I've had for about a week until.....I came home and my iBook won't come on at all, just a black screen - but it was charged, having been left on the charger while I was at school. So I played around with it a bit, got it to show the white screen with the Apple logo and the little loading circle - and then it either freezes up there or a message will pop up that says I need to restart my computer. When I restart, the same issue occurs. I went to disk utility, have repaired everything I can, it says everything is fine, then I restart (or just wait a while) and the same message pops up. I even reformatted the hard-drive with the Mac OSX Tiger disk it came with, everything was fine for a couple of hours until I restarted it, then the same thing happened, and now I can't get it to load. I'm so frustrated. Can someone help? Have any ideas? Should I just take it back to the store? Please help! Thank you.


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    It's probably some bad RAM.

    Take it back to the store and get new RAM installed, if it's free. If they're going to charge for it, look into getting some new RAM from Kingston or RamJet.
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    It seems to do okay so far with the safe boot - should I still take it in? Oh..wait..if it's not in safe boot, the same problem occurs. Alright, thanks, I'll try to take it in this weekend. Video ram has an error detected.

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    What you are experiencing is a kernel panic, this is most often caused by bad ram, but not always, I would recomend trying to find the cause of this rather then spending more money on ram. If it is brand new system then bring it back to the apple store and they might replace the ram. The kernel panic could also be caused by any piece of hardware in the system, (hard disks, logic board, ram, video card) so don't jump to conclusions that it is the ram, but follow these steps to check that it is in correctly.
    Take the RAM out, then place the ram back in and reboot. If you get a kernel panic then it is not how the ram is placed but does not rule out the possibility of bad ram. Take out one stick of ram and try again. If the problem occurs again switch the sticks, if it does not then the stick you took out first is bad. If after switching the sticks it still occurs this does not rule out that it is bad ram, although makes it higly unlikely that you got 2 bad sticks of ram.
    If all out fails take it back to the apple store and tell them what is occuring..
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    Thank you for the great replies. I did take the iBook back to the store, and since it was only a week old, the entire iBook was replaced for me. Hopefully, all will be well now. :mac:



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