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Thread: ibook for travel & imac for home

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    ibook for travel & imac for home
    I want to buy a ibook for travel & imac for home.

    I'm completely new to the Apple world.

    Can someone help me decide on which imac to purchase (G5 vs Intel) and when these (incl. iBook) were released to the market (how old the version I'll buy if I don't wait for next version)?

    Thanks a bunch,

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    3,378 is a great site to help you figure out how long a specific revision has been out on the market.

    What applications do you plan on using? If you are going to do a lot with applications that haven't been released as Universal, then you might want to go with the older G5.

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    If you don't have any applications that need the powerpc which I am not sure that you would because you are switching from windows, then I would go intel, this gives you the ability to run the latest applications that come out for some time to come, when the eventually drop support for the G5 in a couple years.
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    It shouldn't be too much longer until apple releases an intel iBook...

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