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    Ibook Superdrive Care!
    the superdrive on my Imac G4 has died!! I´m about to take it to an Apple Store so they can put a new one.
    Now i don´t want that to happen to my Ibook´s superdrive!!
    For my Imac I used the MAXELL DVD lens cleaner, although i probably used it after the Superdrive was damaged it did help me in certain occasions. On the DVD lens cleaner box, there´s a warning saying that it shouldn´t be used on notebook computers. So what can i use to clean the lens on my Ibook Superdrive.

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    The lens really shouldn't require much in the way of "cleaning" in most cases. I've used my iBook daily for close to 3 years and have not had a single problem with the drive. I also have a Power Macintosh G3 AIO that was built in 1998, and while that optical drive is a CD rather than DVD drive, it has never been "cleaned" or maintained in any way either.

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    That´s good news... still, there´s gotta be something out there, just in case...

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