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    Ibook G4 Freezing

    My ladyfriend is having some troubles with her ibook G4, She updated lastnight with the 2006-001 update from apple. Of course this update requires a restart, so she restarted the ibook like normal, but now it does not go anyfurther than the log in prompt, it actually does not load the logon prompt, The progress bar fills up and then it stops loading so she tells me, I am kind of stumped at the moment as to what is causing this, she's let it set for about 25 minutes and it never did log her in or finish loading the login prompt. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to why it's "freezing" at this same point everytime. I had her try to boot up the Panther install disk so she could try to repair permissions but it wouldn't boot, she said it'd spit the cd out. She's running tiger. any one have any ideas ? thanks.

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    Try holding down shift whilst booting...

    For more ideas check out my 'iBook instant fixes thread' that's stickied at the top of the iBook forum.

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