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    Shaky 12 inch powerbook
    Hi everyone,

    i purchased my first Mac on Sunday. A 12 inch Powerbook. i recently noticed that the laptop is not stable and it shakes when i put my hands on it. it seems that the lower left corner is more elivated and when i put the screen down, the top right corner is up. Has this happend to anyone and what should i do to get it fixed.

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    I read something about bending it around a corner. I don't own a 12inch however. Maybe Vicky will chime in on how to resolve the issue.

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    yea mine does it

    its the left hand front side right?

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    i checked my laptop again last night and i found out that my powerbook is not shaky, the table was not straight. i tried my laptop on 6 different surfaces and on 3 surfaces it was shaky. Looks like i had some uneven tables at home

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    Yes, mine is slightly like that too. When the screen is down, one corner is a tad higher than the other. It annoys me a lot, I guess some are just like that, because nothing has been done to it to cause that. :confused:
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