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Thread: PCI-E slot?

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    PCI-E slot?
    so the PCI-E slot is small? im confused. i dont really have a specific question persay just if someone could give me some info on whats going on there that would be cool. thanks

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    Desktops have Full 16x, 1x PCI-E slots where you plug your video card(most of the time) 1x slots are for sound cards and future network cards etc.. Laptops now have the same technology so they can fetch higher bandwidth from the onboard video card.. hence a Mini PCI-E slot for them.. just like you have you have Mini(regular) PCI slot where most of the wifi cards go.

    Hope this helps.


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    The MacBook Pro has a PCI Express connection to the built-in graphics. This is not a slot, just a link between the system bus and the graphics card. It's permanently soldered, and the graphics can't be removed or upgraded.

    There is a 34 millimeter ExpressCard slot on the side for expansion. It replaces the PC Card/CardBus slot in PowerBooks.

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    can i buy a peice of hardware to upgrade my audio capabilities. i have speakers that connect through optical coaxal and the 3 1/8 inch ports but the mac book onl has a headphone jack so the peackers i have are useless. can this PCI E port do anything for me>

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    There is probably not an audio card for it yet. Just google search for expresscard and make sure it is a 34mm not 54mm card.

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