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Thread: PowerBook Restoring

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    PowerBook Restoring
    Hey... just aquired a PowerBook g4 15in 1.25 from work... for free! It was in the warehouse and marked DOA. The company I work for does not distribute or perform Apple services so I was curious as to why it was there... long story short... it's mine now.

    I brought it home expecting it not to work... but I am writing this on it as we speak... ::crosses fingers:: I hope it continues to work!

    Anyways, no AC Adapter in the box... it's ok... because I have a pb 12in 1.33. But also no restore cds!!

    My question is... can I use a retail copy of OSX "whatever" to reload the machine... the machine is set with an admin password... I want to clear that and start fresh... and soon! I am going to hunt down the restore cds, for sure... but I want to play with this thing right now!

    So... is it possible for me to restore with a copy of OSX?? And bypass that password? Any advice is helpful!


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    A retail copy of OS X will be have a full install disk. You will be able to able to do a clean install and clear the admin pass word.
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    Just so you know, you should probably buy a new 65 watt (15" and 17" PowerBooks) power adapter. The 45 watt (both the 12" iBook and PowerBook and 14" iBook) isn't designed to provide that much power.

    Don't go for the Apple one though ($80? I can get one that charges every notebook known to man for that much), try a cheaper alternative off of Amazon.
    I'd use Windows... but I like the Mac OS more.

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