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    iBook G4 Bluetooth connection problems with Sony Ericsson phone
    Hi all,

    I recently brought a G4 off eBay which all seems to work fine. It's a 1.2GHZ version with Bluetooth on board.

    I am wanting to connect to my Sony Ericsson K750i / W800 mobile but I'm having problems. The bluetooth will only connect if the phone is parallel to the iBook about 0.5cm away! If I go any further away it will not connect!

    I have also tried connecting with my Motorola E398 but had the same problem.

    Is something wrong with my bluetooth module or something? One thing to note, I won the iBook off a Japanese / Chinese (sorry don't know which!) person. If he had set it up to work in Japan, do they have different Bluetooth standards which might be causing the problem?

    Thanks for anyone's help.

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    This won't help, but my bluetooth works really well with my RAZR. You might want to get it checked out. Is there a Hardware/software checker that can see if it's running correctly? Try going to System Profiler and see if Bluetoorh is working right.

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    I would have thought bluetooth is the same the world over, which is kinda the point. Mine can work from at least 1 room away, so I think there is a fault.

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    I will check the profiler later on today when I finish work.

    Does anyone know if there is an aerial attached to the module that might have come un-stuck?

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    If there was, it'd be connected to the card, so it'd be pretty obvious if there was one, when you have a look at the card itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckalicious
    If there was, it'd be connected to the card, so it'd be pretty obvious if there was one, when you have a look at the card itself.
    Forgive me for sounding stupid but where is the card located? I've upgraded my memory but did not see the bluetooth card...

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    The bluetooth module is internal, so you wouldn't be able to see it unless you opened it right up...

    I have the same phone and have had no issues with the range...
    There is a little ariel inside the iBook that the bluetooth module connects to, so you might have to take it to an apple service partner to see if it's come off.

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    Thanks for your help everyone, especially Aptmunich. I was told it was still under warrenty so hopefully I can take it back and get it done under warrenty.

    Thanks again everyone.

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