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Thread: MacBooks in Stores yet?

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    MacBooks in Stores yet?
    Does anyone know if the MacBooks are for sale in the retail stores yet?

    I want one, bad. My roommate is moving and needs a computer and he will buy my iBook G4 14" that I got in December.

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    I know they are in store for you to play with, don't know if they have any in stock for you to buy though. go and ask its worth a shot.
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    Jul 21, 2005
    Yeah, I am going tomorrow to check it out. Hopefully they have one for me to buy. LOL


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    I'd recommend calling first. I've been calling the three local Apple Stores around here and they are all saying they are still calling the people on the waiting list first, and they don't have any to sell. It could be location though...

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    I got mine at the Apple store in Phoenix.

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    I just picked mine up from the Apple store in Edina Minnesota, and I wasn't on a wait list or anything. I called today and they had a 2Ghz so I put it on hold and bought it.

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    most stores have a list of people who are wanting them as soon as they come in so you might be lucky if you can find a smaller store with little or no list

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