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    Question Backing up onto an external hard drive...
    Is there a good way of doing it, apart from dragging everything onto the disk?

    It comes with software which is annoyingly only compatible with a PC.

    I need to back asap as my Powerbook is showing signs that the hard drive might be failing so can't take it back or buy another one.

    I need to keep backed up so something that could sync would be great so I don't have to keep writing over everything unnecessarily would be great.

    I'm on Tiger (10.4.5)

    Thanks everyone!

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    Hi there,

    thanks for your reply but I'm not looking to backup online, I want to do it with the firewire drive I've bought but wondered if there was any software available (or anyway to do it through something already on the mac) to enable me to backup and sync so I don't have to copy all the files all the time and over-write everything.

    Anna x

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    Quote Originally Posted by annav
    thanks for your reply but I'm not looking to backup online
    Try Googling a little harder. I Googled "iBackup" and the iBackup online storage system was the first link, but all subsequent links were for iBackup 5.0.2, which is a freeware application that does exactly what you asked for.

    Try iBackup:

    and Silverkeeper:

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