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    Question Payment via UK Apple Finance?
    Im hoping to collect some advice from everybody before purchasing my Mac.
    Firstly, I'm going to get either a MacMini or MacBook Pro (macbook prefered) for University later this year.

    So, as a student, I don't have the money to pay off right away, but I will get a discount.

    You may be aware that Apple, in the UK, offers a Finance scheme to pay off the cost of the Mac during a avg. 36 month period, but has anyone tried this? Is it worth it when I'll be paying APR (intrest) after each year?

    What do you guys think about Apple's Consumer Credit Programme???

    Debt is a students way of life in the UK but the Mac is for my career! :black:

    Thank you.

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    I was going to get my powerBook on their finance but I went against it because I would be paying too much over the loan period. Instead I took it out on my credit card which has 9mnth insterest free on it. If I havent finished paying off for it, then i will get another card. Its ridiculous how much the apr is on the apple finance. I wouldnt recommend that you get it from them. Get one of those credit cards with a long interest free period.

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    When I went to buy my iMac I asked about the Apple finance plan. The sales assistant told me that it was not worth it. She personally hated recommending it. I rang my credit card company there and then from the Apple store (they even let me use their phone.) I got 0.9% on the Balance transfer for 7months. That is soooooo much cheaper than the Apple finance deal. I would hunt around if I were you.

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