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    2 problems with my powerbook
    my 15" powerbook screen its not working, i am using a normal desktop monitor but i need to install os9 for some programs and ive heard that for me to do that i have do do it from the start up disk but when i do that my laptop wont recognize my monitor so i dont have a chance to install os 9 nor reformat anything, my laptop screen is unable to work because of the cables dont know why just stoped working, so if anyone could help me on how could i use the startup disk and my monitor at the same time it would be a lot of helo thank yhou

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    Biturbo V12 AMG
    Have you tried putting in the CD that says OS9 when your computer is running and you can see your desktop on your external monitor? and click install classic? I dont think i had to run off the CD when i installed OS9 classic support.

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    i dont have the os9 cd, ive heard that the os9 comes in the os 10 cds but have to look for it, but i need the monitor for it..

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