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Thread: Which Mac Notebook works is good for video editing?

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    Which Mac Notebook works is good for video editing?
    I'm in the market for a Mac notebook, I've only ever used mac desktops but I'm looking to buy a notebook because

    I'm going to college soon, I love editing movies on final cut pro as well.
    I'm also looking for the best value, any suggestions?
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    Keep away from the Mac Book Airs.
    The after that any MacBook pro with 8GB Memory will do you and I wouldn't worry about the Processor speed, because between 2.6'and 2.9 Ghz is negligble.

    Then all you have to worry about is what sized screen your after. I have a 2012 13"MBP and put a SSD into it, and it handle PS CC 3D and FCP and Motion 5 without any problems..
    Knowing all this buy the best you can afford and you will be fine.
    Don't worry about a SSD because that will up the substantially and the normal HD will still hold up the the processing you will do.

    My 2¢
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    The MBA uses a low voltage i5 and while it is a perfectly good processor for daily tasks: office work, browsing, etc. anything processor intensive will bog it down. It actually benchmarks close to the rMBP's base i5, though the rMBP has a much higher clock speed which matters for Final Cut Pro. It also has TurboBoost which is a big help Bumping to the 2.6 Ghz i5 is a smart buy as it benchmarks significantly higher than the MBA processors and somewhat higher than the base i5, but probably not necessary if you're just a hobbyist.

    For the rest of your budget, I definitely recommend loading up on RAM if you can. It's soldered now so this will be your one chance to get it. The $1499 SKU is ideal if you can swing it. Even if you bump the processor, you're still paying $200 less with the only real difference being that you only get 256 GB of internal storage (not a big deal as Thunderbolt makes for great external storage)
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