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    MacBook Pro 2.GHz ordered on 1/18
    Mine shipped today. Ordered it online with the 120 GB hd on 1/18. It was shipped from Shanghai, China at 10:17 am on 2/24. Hopefully will be delivered on tuesday.

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    Too many to list but have the latest to oldest macs.
    damm you are lucky but most people state side seem to be. Might try order a new machine and have it delivered to my house in Long island.

    Sucks but I am happy for you.
    Who dare's wins... :ninja:

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    steve zissou
    when you get it, think you can post some pictures???
    good luck with it

    steve zissou

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    I will see if I can borrow a digital camera.

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    and tell us how it runs compared to any to your current computer.
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    It made it from Shanghai, China to Columbus, OH in about 30 hours. It has been sitting at the FedEx sort facility in Columbus since 7:24 am 2/25 with expected delivery on March 1st. I will be highly upset if it is not delivered by 2 pm on Tuesday being that I have a work meeting at 4pm and will be hardly home after that until Saturday.
    I have World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Warcraft 3, Unreal Tournament, Age of Mythology, Norton Antivirus 10, MS Office 2004, Risk, Scrabble, and Monpoly to test. I only know how to test FPS on World of Warcraft. Also will be downloading some game demos and willing to test anything else that is freely downloadable. The most interesting thing I am going to try is wireless printing through a Linksys router to a HP Laserjet 2100 shared using WinXP. Just need to figure out how to get the Linksys to let me see the printer(2 winxp laptops already there will not work either).
    Still have not got my hands on a digital camera yet. Also thinking about writing a decent review since I have not found one yet which would be a first for me.

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    Good news it arrived at 9:13 am today. Currently in the 5 hour off period calibrating battery. Will start with the positive then hit on the negative.

    Files transfered from old iMac at 10-11 MBps. Battery life for the first round which included burning a DVD for about 20 minutes, watching some videos, airport web surfing, and playing with system settings was just over 2 hours. World of Warcraft gets 17-30 fps in Thunderbluff with most of the settings turned all of the way up. Worms 3D demo is playable.

    Now for the bad. Bottom gets warmer than I would like but with wearing thick sweats it was hardly noticeable. Every time I did something that caused the airport to loose signal it would take a minute before it would reconnect. That issue should be fixable with software settings or the next airport update. Most of the software took anywhere from UB Camino at 3 sec to PPC Worms 3D 2 minutes extra to open the first time. Last issue was when Front Row had to open iTunes in the background to load protected media it took an extra minute.

    Should have more info after using it at work tonight then might not have time till next week to finish testing.

    PS. Almost forgot to mention unlike some the sleep indicator does pulse and that whine is there but unless I am not playing audio and have my head within 2 feet of the hinge I do not notice it. Also The brightness is able to go 3 notches higher than my iMac.

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