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    Apple care will not fix my PB
    -Posted this in another thread, but now one was looking

    I have been trying to get my powerbook fixed with apple for the about a week. The issue i'm having is that the topcase has fallen trough in the bottom right corner just from me resting my wrists on it. I've had my pb for a year now and i have the 3 year apple care warranty. My cd-r drive also stopped working and to top it off my screen is scratched and there is a growing purple tint around it. The tint started to grow just a few days after the pixels started to go out. One by one a pixel goes out, the count has gotten to about 12 pixels before i actually took it to get serviced. So i brought my pb to DI-NO computer in pasadena to get serviced. The replied and said that they could only do one major hardware repair a month, something about apple and their service rating. They convinced me to send it apple to get all the issues taken care of. Low and behold i call apple and they say they can only fix the cd-r drive and the the topcase and screen damage was caused by customer abuse. This is total BS. I have gotten three explaination as to why my screen is damaged, all of them being different. I have no idea what to do, Apple has been a real *** about this matter, they have never called me, i keep having to call them. The big question here is why would the authorized service center send the pb to apple if they new it was not going to get fixed, because they also thought that it need to be repaired. I need help, i have filled a claim with the better business bureau. The customer relations guy i talked to would not even speak with me the last time i called, i'm going to give then another call tomorrow. HELP HELP

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    You know apple can increase their market share by just doing better service to its loyal costomers at least. I was also traumatised by them recently and they are so indifferent that they do not even return my calls! I feel forums like this should excert pressure collectively to extract better service from them. We, I believe are the last line of defence for Apple products

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    Ask for a manager when you get on the phone. Explain to them you have the warrenty and that they will fix it. Don't threaten them, just explain to them calmly what needs to get done.


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    I talked to apple again on friday. i did speak to a supervising manager. This was after greg the customer relations guy caught a real bad tone with me. He initially told me that there wasn't a manager around, so i then asked for his boss and behold he found someone. Shirley told me that they found the damage to the screen had been caused by the keys and track pad rubbing against the screen. I and all other powerbook owners knows that this happens, hell thats why i wanted my screen repaired. She told me that they do not repair pb's with this problem because it is caused by pressure from outside the lid. I then asked if this is my fault since i have no control over the design of the pb. As you can see this was going no where, they refused to repair my pb repeatedly saying that it was not covered under warranty. They also say that the topcase fell it because i did it not because it wasn't manufactured properly. I am going home tuesday so i told them to have my computer here by monday. I also made a complait against greg who never did anything he told me he was going to do and for getting a really nasty attitude with me. I got screwed over big time. I hope that their is someone who can help me here on this forum. All i could do was notify apple that i had made a claim with the better business bureau against them.

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    think different works everywhere but in the service! Write to steve, man

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    Honestly, the drive is the only thing they should have replaced. There are a million ways to protect your screen, one of them being a sipmle piece of felt... that costs what, maybe $2? The case falling through is strange. Unless you noticed a screw come out of the corner, I would have to say you're probably rougher on it than you thought. Strictly ergonomically speaking, you shouldn't rest your wrists while you type. Try arcing your fingers while typing, you'll feel better for it.

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