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    Unhappy Issues with MBP BEFORE tea spill!

    I have my MacBook Pro for over a year now and Iím experiencing a bunch of sporadic issues:

    • * it get's hot and then won't turn off
    • * it takes sometimes veeeery long to wake up
    • * the display flickers on some grey backgrounds
    • * charger won't charge the MBP and sometimes activates MBP when sleeping
    • * I hear a weird noise when moving the cursor
    • * the screen blinks and goes to sleep after reactivating it from screensaver
    • * it totally crashes when scrolling larger images
    • * the fan makes noises as if there is friction on an object or loose hanging cable when MBP is hold in a certain position

    Again: most of these issues are SPORADIC and donít occur often or only under certain circumstances (like the issue with the fan).

    I went to the Apple Store two times already and had them write those issues down (so I could take that paper when I bring the MBP in for repair), but I couldnít let them have the MBP right then, because it would take them up to a week to repair and I need the machine for work every day. I had planned to bring it in soon, when I go on vacation.

    But then something happened: A week ago I spilled tea into the keyboard of my MacBook Pro. I let the MBP dry for two days and now it runs just like before (with the same issues of course).

    However, Iím concerned now, that when I bring it in, they wonít repair it anymore and just say the issues are due to the tea spill. I mean how could I ever prove that the spill happened after I brought the MBP in two times?!

    Do you guys have any advice on how to handle this situation or any experience to share?


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    Quote Originally Posted by IkeaBoy View Post
    I mean how could I ever prove that the spill happened after I brought the MBP in two times?!
    You can't. There are liquid detection sensors on the inside...and if they show liquid exposure...then the Apple person can only assume that it is the liquid exposure that is the cause of the issues.

    It is also not provable which issues "could" have been BEFORE the spill...and which issues were AFTER the spill. Or let's put it this way. The issues that were before the spill could have (all or some) also have been caused (a theorectical 2nd time)...after the spill.

    They don't know you...and you don't know them. So there's no way for either party to know the history of this computer. Just the facts. And the facts are...liquid spill detectors have probably been tripped...and now the computer isn't working right.


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    Agree with Nick alas.
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