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    Preparing MacBook Pro to gift
    Hey All,

    I need some help getting my Mid 2012 MacBook Pro ready to gift to my grandaughter. My main questions are:

    1. I will be present when I give her the computer so what do we do to change it from "my" computer to make it "her" computer, computer name, password, etc.

    2. iTunes music folder - exactly what should I delete/not delete in here.

    Any additional input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Personally, I would reformat the HD and do a clean install so she gets a 'fresh' machine. But, all you really need to do is setup an account for her then remove yours. You will have the option, when you delete your account to delete or leave files.
    Your choice on how to proceed from there.
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    The erase and clean re-install of the original OS will give your grand daughter that brand new mac experience that you had when you first got it. It's what I did when I gifted my old iMac to my sister and it was appreciated by her.

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    I recently gave my 21.5" 2011 iMac to my grand daughters for university work. What I did was erase the hard drive from the recovery partition and reinstalled Mavericks fresh. I left the account and password open for them to setup and use.

    The hardest part was packing it and shipping it UPS from Fort Worth to their home in Georgia. I made sure it was insured for damage but it arrived just fine and the girls are currently using it.

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    Apr 08, 2011
    Thanks to everyone who has replied. I have no clue how to do the clean and re install so I'll find an Apple repair store in my city to do it. Again, much thanks.

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