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    vintage macbook air battery change
    I have been told by apple store and apple authorised shops that my MacBook Air is vintage and they don't have battery for replacement. Where can I find the vintage battery? Or do I really need to bin my MacBook Air?
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    Sorry, but "vintage" does not help - which model MacBook Air is it?
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    It is MacBook Air (original). I have just been to this site How to Replace MacBook Air Battery (Official/Self) @
    They say that the battery replacement is possible but still where to obtain 'vintage' battery remains a big issue.

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    Your best bet to find a replacement battery is eBay.

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    eBay is probably a great place to get a replacement and also have them:

    Macbook Air Battery A1245 Replacement
    MacBook Air (Original/Late 2008/Mid 2009) Replacement Battery (661-4587, 661-4915) - iFixit

    Here's the replacement procedure:

    MacBook Air Models A1237 and A1304 Battery Replacement - iFixit


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    Thank you so much guys. I have just ordered a battery from ebay and really excited to receive it and replace following the instruction on the above link! Really appreciate it!!!

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