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    13in rMBP 2014 Yosemite
    2012 MBP 13 in won't charge and therefore won't turn on
    Last night my wife got on the MBP (Mid 2012 13 inch) and it was on and working, but almost dead.
    IT died before she plugged it in. She then plugged it in and went about her way for 30 m or so.
    Went back to it and it wouldn't boot up from the power button or touching the keys.

    She then went into the kitchen and pressed the button on the outlet that turns the resets the circuit. That circuit sometimes gets flipped off when there are too many things running.

    She did it a few times (while the MBP via the charger was into the wall) I guess and then went back to the MBP and still nothing.

    I tried it in different plugs through the house with then trying other items in those outlets.

    Everything else works. We have a back up for the MBP on TC via TM. But if there isn't a fix for the MBP ill have to load it onto the iMac I'm typing on i guess.

    Im going to go get a new charger for the MBP at radio shack after school bus drop off..

    Out of Applecare by the way.

    She is in Grad school for an online program. this is very bad timing she has some projects due next week and she uses the MBP to chart inside the hospital.

    Please help thanks.. Ill do my best to reply quickly to any help

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    Feb 15, 2011
    West Virginia
    13in rMBP 2014 Yosemite
    Got it owkring with a replacement charger from Radioshack... plus the warranty

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