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    Oct 12, 2013
    Transfer iPhoto library to MacBook w/10.9
    I have been unable to transfer my photos from my iMac to my new MacBook. When I simply copy the library file all that comes over are the photos but not the album structure.

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    Migration Assistant would have handled this as part of an overall transfer of stuff, but apparently you didn't choose to use it.

    Assuming we are talking about an up-to-date version of iPhoto, simply copying the library file over should work fine. You then need to open iPhoto using the option key, point it at the copied library, and that should bring over all structure, ratings, faces data etc.

    What version of iPhoto is on the iMac?

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    Oct 12, 2013
    Iphoto transfer
    I did use migration assistant. That is why I was surprised to find my photos didn't get transferred. My library is too big for any flash drive I have so I guess it is off to Staples I go to get a bigger flash drive.

    Wireless transfer dropped all the important album info, but the pictures did transfer

    Thanks for the quick response

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