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Thread: Who's up for a challenge to resurrect a MBP?

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    Who's up for a challenge to resurrect a MBP?

    While cleaning out a storage closet in my wife's office, we came across a MBP (Model MB990LL/A). The MBP does not turn on, nor has any signs of life. When the power adapter is plugged in, it is orange in color. I tried resetting the SMC and the MBP is still unresponsive. At this point, I'm not sure what else to try to get the machine to power up. I'm willing to invest some money into this MBP to get it running again, but not too much since these seem to sell of $400-$500. Are there any other methods I could try to get this thing to power up without replacing any parts in it? If not, what are suggestions for parts to replace (obviously replacing what could most likely be the culprit). I appreciate any and all feedback and ideas, thank you!

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    If you're sure the power adapter charger (MagSafe) is OK, that leaves the battery and possibly the DC input board. A new battery for that model will run around $110 and may not get it going. Spending any more on a machine that's only worth maybe $400 - $500 will be self defeating.

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    Your MBP
    When you say you found it does that mean it's not yours or your wife's. I'm only asking this because if it has a login password getting it to boot up may be just the beginning of your problems. You wont be able to do much with it without a user/admin password.
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    Thanks for the replies...

    1) The MBP is ours, it was one of the first we purchased when starting the business.

    2) The charger is working because the battery on the MBP shows a charge when you hit the little "button" by the battery. The charger also changes from amber to green when the battery is fully changed.

    Is there anyway for me to test the power button to see if its working? This MBP is pretty beatup, I would not be surprised if the logic board is toast. (we found the MBP with the back cover off it). There does not appear to be any internal damage, but its hard to tell.

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    Couple of things to check
    1/ Do you get the start sound?
    2/ Can you hear if the drive or fans start up?

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