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    HDD Issues & Cannot Boot from any Media... MacBook Pro A1278
    Ok... The is one is interesting... I am attempting to install a new hard drive in a MacBook Pro Model A1278 and install OS X on it. The problem is I cannot get the laptop to boot to OS X Recovery or a CD. I have even connected another MacBook via firewire in Target Disk Mode and no matter which machine I make the target, it only shows the hard drive from the second MacBook (the one I am not installing a new hard drive in) as a usable drive to install OS X on... I am really at a loss here. The reason I am even installing a new hard drive is because when I try to boot the original hard drive I get a long grey screen followed by a long apple screen with spinning wheel and then eventually it goes to the "no smoking sign" (as i call it) with a spinning wheel and just sits there forever. I have taken this hard drive out of the laptop and hooked it up to my other MacBook and was able to read all of my files and transfer everything to an external drive just fine. I also ran Disk Check Utility and the drive tests out perfectly fine... To thicken the plot, on the Macbook Pro in which I am trying to install the new drive I am not even able to boot into safe mode and get all sorts of odd errors in the black and white script (which I am more than happy to share) but it always ends with the screen spitting back "Still waiting for root device" over and over until I just shut it down. Additionally, the only startup command that seems to work correctly is the Apple Hardware Test and even on a deep scan all the hardware tests out perfectly (have run 3x)... I am stumped. Could really use some pointers here. I am just confused as to why, even with a brand new hard drive, the laptop won't boot from a CD or from the recovery console at all... Is there possibly a problem with the SATA Controller built into the motherboard? Any help is greatly appreciated as this is a customer's computer and they use it for important school work... Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iRescue911 View Post
    Ok... The is one is interesting... I am attempting to install a new hard drive in a MacBook Pro Model A1278 and install OS X on it. The problem is I cannot get the laptop to boot to OS X Recovery or a CD.
    Need to know what OS version you are trying to install...and what sort of install media are you using (CD, DVD, USB, etc.). And if it's a disk...what does the disk look like (color).

    And by the way...with a brand new're not going to be able to boot into the "Recovery Partition"...since a brand new HD has not yet been properly setup for this.

    Also...the model number A1278 refers to quite a few different models (it's actually a "family" model name). So more specific info on exactly what model MacBook Pro this is could help.

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    Turned out the SATA cable that connects the Hard Drive to the Motherboard had gone bad. Apparently this is a fairly common problem. Replaced the cable and the drive was recognized. Installed OS X without a hitch and all is well. Thanks for the help and hopefully this helps someone else.

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