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Thread: Slowed Down!!

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    Slowed Down!!
    I have been so proud of my new PowerBook 15-inch G4. It has a great sleek look, the OS is much more appetizing to see and use, and the whole package seems 5000% better than all PC's. I have recently though (it is only 1.5 months old), noticed a large decrease in operating speed, and I'm fretting big-time. If anyone has any suggestions as to why this is, and what I can do to fix it (download a specialized application, etc.) please let them be heard, as this is frustratin me a great deal.

    Thank You.


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    i'm not sure, but i think it would be best if you repaired permissions, go to applications, utilities, disk utility, click on your hard drive, and then click repair permissions

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    Thank you, what does this do?

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    Tried MacJanitor?

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