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    '09 MacBook won't start
    My wife's 2009 Macbook pro suddenly won't engage. When you push the start button up , the apple logo appears then the little wheel start to spin, then it instantly shuts down. Tried safe boot start up - no good. Try re-installing OS disks, same result .Won't connect to disk, just switched off. OS disk is in drive & won't come out. Tried holding shift key on start up to eject disk, won't eject disk either.
    Anyone got any ideas what problem is ? would welcome any suggestions to try. Thanks

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    Question Macbook Pro won't start up correctly
    Tried resetting the SMC , no result. Tried holding various keys on start up , e.g., shift-option-command; Option-R.; cmmd-s , etc. Nothing seems to work. When I tried CMMD-R it started up with the 4 alternatives. One was to re-install new copy of OSX , but I wasn't sure if the re-instal would keep or delete all existing files, folders, apps, photo etc. Can anyone advise me whether if I proceed to re-instal NEW copy of OSX whether it will delete all old work or retain same. Appreciate any assistance, thanks.

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    Before you do ANYTHING else, the first question to ask is do you have a backup of what's on the drive?

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    Hi Chas_m, Most of it was backed up over 3 weeks ago but after that time she hasn't backed it up. That's why I am asking if I go ahead & instal new OSX from prompt which appeared when I started with OPTION-R, is it only re-installing an new OSX & retaining all files ,etc. or will it do a complete re-instal & delete all past files, photos ,etc. ?? It does tell you. Any idea ?? Thanks

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    It must be at least Lion since Command+R brings up that install menu.

    I am pretty sure it will not erase anything and just put in a new install of the version of OSX you have.

    I normally do not use Command+R so hope someone else chimes in just in case.

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    Ref: Macbook Pro won't start
    Thanks for the reply Dennis. End up taking it to the Apple store here in Adelaide. The very knowledgeable Genius Bar Tech diagnosed the laptop & stated the battery was running at less than 80 % & anything under 80 % can create similar problems. He stated that if you don't use it as a portable & keep it plugged to power , it won't be a problem, but if you use it as a remote portable away from its power source, the battery needs replacing. As my wife only uses it as a desktop , we decided to not replace the battery & should we take it away on holidays or interstate , we will take the power cord along. Also , as trying to start it on battery only upset the hard-drive & it was necessary to re-instal a new copy of OSX. For your info, in doing so , all past 3 week's work, files, iPhotos & apps were lost. Wifey not happy but only lost last 3 weeks entries, work,etc.,, but happy to have it working again. Luckily, she backed up 3 weeks ago & saved the majority on external hard-drive.
    Many thanks to you & others for your input...Sabusforms.

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