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    macbook pro 17 battery needed...
    Hi there,

    I've got the 17" macbook pro. It's the one before the uni body version and i need a new battery. I've been looking on ebay and some descriptions mention codes like:
    Compatible Part Number:A1189, MA458, MA458*/A, MA458G/A, MA458J/A. MacBook Pro 17" MA611*/A, MacBook Pro 17" MA611*D/A, Apple MacBook Pro 17" Series. MacBook Pro 17" MA092CH/A,

    I'm not sure what part number mine was. Is it ones of these listed above? Or do they all have the same battery and a battery for a 17" MBP will fit them all?

    thanks for any comments.

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    Go to either or Much easier to identify the battery you need.

    - Nick
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    ok thanks for the recommendation Nick.

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