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Thread: Macbook pro screen colors distorted/flickering/messed up

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    Exclamation Macbook pro screen colors distorted/flickering/messed up

    I would like to request help from you. Has anyone ever encountered such problem, that when your Macbook pro would be a little shaken the colors get messed up the way in the picture below.

    The macbook pro is -09 model, but I have another one too which doesn't have this problem.

    a short video which presents the problem. I would only shake the laptop a bit then the colors get distorted and another shake to make it go normal again. So what could be the problem? I tried Pulling the display data cable connector away from its socket and putting it back but nothing new.

    Thanks in advance

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    Very likely a loose video cable or connector. You can find instructions for taking your MacBook Pro apart and check|re-seat the cables at iFixit: The free repair manual.

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