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Thread: Manual eject?

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    Manual eject?
    One more question.... Is there any way to get a disk out of an ibook G4(2004) when the computer wont turn on? I am driving myself nuts here. Thanks for your help.

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    Right after you press the power button, hold down the mouse button till the CD Ejects.

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    Thanks for the response, but it isnt working. I read that it would work, I am not sure what the problem is. Thanks for your help. Any other suggestions?

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    Restart the computer while holding down Command (Apple) + Alt + O + F. A command prompt type thing will come up, type eject cd. The cd will pop out, then type mac-boot and the computer will boot up.

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    Thanks, but....
    That didnt work either. The problem is that when I turn the computer on, it shows signs of life for about 30 seconds, and then nothing happens. I am hoping that if I can get this DVD out and load my install disk, i will be able to boot. Is the any truely manual way to get the disk out?

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    Anyone else????
    Does anyone else have any ideas of how to get the disk out?

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