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    intel ibook
    Will the new intel mac ibook be 14in? I'm thinking of buying the new intel mac book, but 12in or 13.3 would be too small for me. thanks

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    No one here is going to be able to answer that question with any certainty.

    Personally, I would rather have a 13.3 widescreen that supports 1280x800 than a 14in regular that supports 1024x768.

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    why, are they the same size.
    Note: I haven't compare 14in standard with 13.3 widescreen, I have only seen them separate. I will mostly watch T.V. shows and animes in addition to general task such as typing up report paper.

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    A 13.3in widescreen is wider than a 14in regular aspect, and about as tall as a 12in regular aspect. I would really just prefer 13.3in widescreen due to it having more pixels.

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    could they do a 1280x854 resolution on a 13.3 inch?

    I just need enough space to span a word document and maybe an excel worksheet side by side. I like to have room, you know? Otherwise, why spend 1799 on a 15" MBP?

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    Is intel ibook going to be release before Summer? I need a laptop by summer, and i wanted to make a switch from pc to mac because I play with a imac for 3 few weeks when i was staying at a friend's house , and I love his imac.

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