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    VERY impressed with Apple's service....
    It all began last week when I was browsing the internet with my 900 MHz G3 iBook. It had never given me the slightest problem in the 2+ years I've owned it, until suddenly the screen froze. This was followed by some strange horizontal lines across the display, and finally a fade to black. Obviously, I was concerned, and tried every solution I could think of (resetting PRAM, NVRAM, PMU, rebooting, etc.) Nothing brought it back, and a quick Google search confirmed that I was almost certainly suffering from the dreaded logic board failure. Great....

    My original warranty had expired (and I hadn't purchased the AppleCare extension). I went to Apple's site, where I learned that I was still covered under the Apple extended logic board repair program, which provides coverage, "For three years after the first retail sale of the unit or until March 18, 2005, whichever provides longer coverage for you." Things were looking brighter, but having read many complaints about Apple service, I didn't get my hopes up. It was Sunday, and I called Apple to inquire about the repair.

    The representatives were extremely nice, and they walked me through some steps to try to resuscitate my iBook. None were successful, so they informed me that they'd be sending out a box for me to ship my machine back, and it would be arriving in 1-2 days. Sure enough, it arrived on Tuesday, and I packed up my iBook and scheduled a DHL pickup for Wednesday morning. I had no idea how long the repair would take, so imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang this morning (Friday) and the DHL driver was standing at my door with my iBook!. I quickly opened the box, and sure enough, there was a nice letter from AppleCare Service explaining that my computer had been repaired, all free of charge. Excellent! However, the story doesn't end there...

    Before sending my iBook, I realized that I should back up all of my files because they do not guarantee that the hard drive will not be formatted during the repair process. Of course, since I couldn't get the machine to turn on properly, my only choice was to take it to my local Apple Genius Bar. I explained my whole situation to the genius who helped me, and he was able to transfer my important files and information to my iPod without much difficulty. After he finished, I was expecting him to print an invoice for me to pay for the services. However, he simply said, "You're all set". I thanked him for his help, and left the store extremely pleased.

    So to make a long story short (and for those who don't want to read my lengthy post), my iBook's logic board failed on Sunday. I called Apple and received a shipping container on Tuesday. I took my machine to the Apple store and had my important files backed up to my iPod. I sent the iBook to Apple and it was back on my doorstep Friday morning. My total cost for the whole ordeal: zero.

    Thank you Apple. :cool:

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    nice story... one for the books

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    I like reading stories like that..
    Apple support really is good.
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    i dont have no mac's
    it is rare that people post good experiences with companies on forums such as these, glad to read it!

    and, holy crap they got your book back fast!
    MoTM honor roll...
    i dont remember

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