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    Powerful enough?
    So...I'm thinking between iBook/Powerbook as a new laptop. I have major problems with my current PC based 'mobile' laptop running multiple programs at once (email/web/limewire/itunes) - is this any better, or should I pop up to the Powerbook?

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    if you have the money for a better computer I would spend it .. you can never have to much power.. get the powerbook or the macbook pro.. the faster and more recent computer you buy will last longest.. I would go macbook pro since it is dual core..

    just my .02 on the situation.
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    You...are a good helper good sir. Thank you.

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    Without knowing the specs of your previous laptops, or how many and which programs you would run at one time, its impossible to give any kind of comarison

    But seriously, im amazed at what the ibook can handle. Just today out of nothing more then sheer boredom, i opened every program in my dock to see if it would freeze. Thats photoshop, the whole ilife suite, google earth, safari, mail, transmit and some others, and it didnt freeze! Even exposee didnt freeze it (looked cool with all those windows shrinking though.. lol). This is on the 12'' with the default 512mb ram, i imagine 1.5gb would improve it drastically still.

    But if i tried that on any of my old windows laptops i know it would freeze.

    I imagine if money was no object to you then you wouldnt be here asking, you would just buy the best and most expensive laptop out there. But I think the iBook is the best value for the money.

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    my current laptop is a hp dv1170, higher end of the mobile i think.

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